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About Us - Mission Statement

The Jennifer Diamond Cancer Foundation is dedicated to helping people win the fight against cancer. We are focused on empowering people with knowledge, as well as supporting research and healing programs that provide the tools to help treat the mind and body as one.



Hope is precious. To someone with cancer, hope is the reason they fight to live.

At the Jennifer Diamond Cancer Foundation - we create hope through the programs we provide and the friendships that are made.

Hope through our eight Cancer Information Libraries located throughout California. These learning facilities have helped thousands of people with cancer to make more informed decisions about their healthcare and given them the tools they need to become their own advocate throughout their battle with cancer.

Great strides are being made on the medical front, but much more needs to be done to help the cancer patient emotionally.

We want to lift up, reassure, and support people with cancer and their families. At a time when many feel completely alone, we have developed a program called, "The Cancer Health Show" made for television - suitable for broadcast, cable and the web - that deals with the serious issues of cancer in a warm, light-hearted way. This program provides hope. Hope that they are not alone and that we are there for them throughout the challenges they are facing.

A diagnosis of cancer isolates the patient into a fearful world, filled with unknown terror. Through this program, we are empowering thousands of people lead a better quality of life and increase their chance of survival. We cut through that loneliness and speak directly to the heart with a message of compassion, information, humor and most of all, hope.

In 2010, the foundation received its permanent determination from the I.R.S., recognizing its status as a 501(c)(3) public charity.

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