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The purpose of our new Cancer Education Initiative is to educate our participants about their cancer and of the health benefits that our support programs provide. This information will be presented by our instructors and during health seminars.

We will accomplish this in the following way:
  • Every new participant will go through an intake session and an orientation that will educate them of the health benefits our programs provide.
  • This will be reinforced through our instructors. At the beginning of each program, instructors will remind our participants of the benefits of what they’re doing.
  • By following the lead of major cancer centers around the country, we will be providing mindfulness and meditation programs, which are becoming an integral part of cancer therapy.
  • Dr. Jerry Kornfeld, a member of our Medical Advisory Board, will be giving periodic disease education seminars explaining the benefits of mind/body relationships and how their attitude and thoughts play a role in dealing with their malignancy or recovery.
Whether a participant is attending an educational seminar, taking one of our yoga therapy classes, attending a psycho-social support group, participating in one our art classes, or any of the other variety of support programs listed below, they will know exactly how these programs are helping them fight cancer and its related symptoms. They will have practical knowledge of how to take that information and apply it into their everyday lives.

The cancer support services that we provide at our Chatsworth support center educate our participants as to the specific health benefits they are obtaining by participating in them. They also emphasize the tools to use which impact attitude and positive thoughts in dealing with cancer.

We are well aware that a positive attitude is not all one needs to beat cancer. There's no scientific proof that a positive attitude gives you an advantage in cancer treatment or improves your chance of being cured.

What a positive attitude can do, however, is improve the quality of your life during cancer treatment and beyond. You may be more likely to stay active, maintain ties to family and friends, and return to social activities. In turn, our educational tools enhance your feeling of well-being and help you find the techniques to deal with your cancer and its effects.
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